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The perfect solution – particularly if you’re running a B2B business – for when you know exactly who your target audience is – industry, location, and even size of the organisation. Our data-smart Direct Mail solutions allow you to get your message in front of the right people, and establish a relationship with key decision makers.

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Suitable for B2B focused SME’s that are looking to run a small, quick turnaround campaign.


  • Planning and Creative
  • Simple single-sided A4 letter
  • Target customer data including mailing address and phone number

Additional Costs

  • Customer Data: $1.00/record
  • Printing & Lodgement: $2.15/record
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The perfect for B2B focused companies that want to seriously accelerate their growth and sales through hyper-targeted marketing activity.


  • All Planning and Creative
  • Personalised A4 Letter
  • Customised Double-sided A4 or A5 Sales Brochure
  • Target customer data including mailing address, email address & phone number

Additional Costs

  • Customer Data: $1.00/record
  • Printing & Lodgement: $2.65/record




For companies that know who their target customers are, and want to engage and connect using personalised, high quality creative for an Account Based Marketing campaign.


  • Customised creative based upon the objective, target organisation and budget
  • High creative and production value to ensure cut-through, as well as by-passing the gate-keeper
  • Target customer data including mailing address, email address & phone number

Additional Costs

  • Customer Data: $TBC/record
  • Printing & Lodgement: $TBC/record
nurture sell serve
Talk time.

Purchase Block of Sales Time This service allow you to book our sales team to make calls and sales on your behalf. We can make follow up calls, book appointments and generally nuture leads towards becoming sales.

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Combine Direct Mail with Talk time for best results.

To get the most from any direct mail campaign we recommend combining it with our Talk Time package. Talk time allows you to purchase a defined amount of time from our sales team.

We find that making follow up calls after the direct mail send is a great way to engage with customers and convert them from prospect into sales.

Why use Direct Mail?

It’s a good question, it is easy to think that everything should be done via email or social media, but the truth is direct mail is still a great way to reach your audience. A good piece of relevant, well designed direct mail can grab your customers attention in a way that an email just can’t.

Five good reasons to use Direct Mail:


Direct Marketing Focuses on Segmentation & Targeting
Direct mail allows you to determine who to target. This can be done in many ways from demographics, psychographics, behaviors and geographics or, for known customers, we can also segment on buying history.


Personalisation Enhances Every Campaign
Direct marketing can utilise personalisation to create a one-to-one communication experience. Integrating other channels such as Social Media, or email is proven to enhance your success. This attention to detail through personalisation ensures the customer feels the piece was created specifically with them in mind.


The Approach is Cost-effective
By allocating your resources only toward viable targets, instead of sending your efforts out to anyone and everyone, you’ll save money. If you’re targeting those who are more likely to make a purchase, you’ll be making your money back in the long-run. You can also easily breakdown how much you’re spending on each customer and adjust the content and creative according to how much they typically spend.


An Opportunity to Upsell & Re-engage
Some of the target markets may be previous customers, meaning you’ll have information on them allowing you to tailor your mail piece. This is helpful when trying to upsell additional products or services. Direct Mail can also be used to re-engage previous customers who haven’t made a purchase in a few months or years. Let them know what has been going on, tell them about relevant services and products. We can help you to craft the right message to engage with old customers, whether that’s a simple update or a special offer.


Easily Test & Analyze Results
Direct marketing campaigns typically include a call to action and a way to respond. This can be a phone number, a website link or email address. Adding these elements makes it possible to track the method used and amount of responses received. By analysing the data, we can measure success and determine which offers or channels are most effective.

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