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Sep 24, 2020 | Articles


Fair to say it’s been a while between drinks. But nothing like a lock down to help ease writer’s block.

Each month we aim to share a wrap up of what’s interested us from the world of sales, tech and innovation. Here’s the August edition for your reading pleasure.

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Exploding Topics

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A company in the right business at the right time

Our sales people spend all day talking to small business NZ. We’ve certainly noticed the increase in momentum for digital transformation. This movement and its implications will be sure to outlive the pandemic. Shopify is benefiting hugely from this change in behaviour. Shopify Chief Operating Officer Harley Finkelstein noted, “It has catalyzed e-commerce, introducing major changes in buyer behavior and
pulling forward what retail would look like in 2030 into 2020.”

Take a closer look at this company through the lens of potential investment. More info here.

Inspiration from the sports field

Applying lessons from the sports world to business is a well trodden path. It seems for good reason when you take a look at how US professional sports teams are managing the new normal.

We’re really impressed by the customer first mentality and the refusal to let COVID impinge on the fan’s experience. Five experts reveal thoughts on the future of live sport here.

A start-up to watch

We believe that cold calls are dead. By utilising smart marketing tools, warm leads can be generated which makes selling much more efficient. Here’s a new take on lead generation.We think this latest offering from Silicon Valley could go places.

It’s a new way of providing what every sales person craves – warm leads. Aptly named Warmly sends its clients a weekly list of warm leads by finding your users and prospects when they move to a new company. Read more here.


That’s all for this month – if you’ve got any questions, feedback or something interesting you wish to share then please let me know.

Jono Earles, Head of Customer Experience