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$4,999/month +Media Costs

For SME’s looking to get started in digital lead generation.
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  • Initial Set up
  • Monthly Google Adwords
  • SEO and Website Audit
  • Monthly Review and Reporting

Let's find you some leads


The Accelerate package is for those wanting to generate a significant number of leads, the gold standard if you like. The table below outlines what we fine works best for our clients looking to make a step change in lead generation. We will be here at every step to help you achieve your ambition, our expert team will work with you to ensure you reach the best possible outcome. Regulars meetings, updates ensure we stay focused and can adapt to changes.

We have had great success when paring digital lead generation with a sales package, having a team that follows up leads in order to convert them in to sales is the Rolls Royce of growth strategies, but we understand that not everybody wants or needs that service, which is why we have priced them as individual items. However, if you like to discover more and see if that might be a solution that could work for you, do drop us a line.

Set up

All our lead generation packages include the work needed to get everything going. As the basic package focuses on using Google Adwords to drive leads we need will. . .

  • Establish agreed goals and objectives (KPIs).
  • Set up Google Analytics, for tracking and reporting.
  • Enable conversion tracking on your website.
Marketing Approach


The Accelerate package utilises all available channels that make sense for your business between search and social media to drive results which can include Google search ads, Display, Youtube, SEO, Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn) and has each channel working across a synergestic channel, amplifying results.

  • Initial strategy session including a short-term, mid-term and long-term focus.
  • Quarterly strategy deep dives to constantly evolve the digital marketing plan.
Google Ads

In addition to the Google Search campaigns included in the Growth package, we will set up remarketing campaigns to re-engage users. We will further generate awareness for your brand and service through Google Display and YouTube where possible

  • Remarketing Audience Lists.
  • Digital Display Banners.
  • Complete Marketing Funnel Strategy.

(Search Engine Optimisation)

Our SEO campaigns are designed to improve your website and visibility across major search engines so you can drive more traffic and leads to your website - that way you aren't 100% reliant on paid channels. Every campaign starts with a detailed performance review across all four categories (technical, content, geo, backlinks), and key areas for improvement are identified. We will then provide you with a fully-tailored, 12 month strategy for best long-term organic performance and execute against the plan.

Social Media

You get the full social channel funnel approach with the Accelerated package. Not only will we qualify and scale campaigns, we will also add retargeting in the middle and bottom of funnel to re-engage warm leads.

We will further build out the campaigns to reach Facebook users outside our targeting circles, increasing the opportunity to drive peripheral leads and conversions.



We create two levels of reporting. A dashboard which shows live data across all of your channels including budget spend and key metrics, and our executive summary which includes commentary on what's working for you, what our plan is moving into the next month and any other data analysis that's valuable to you. Key metrics include:

  • Number of Leads.
  • Ad performance, Cost per click, Views etc.
  • Keyword tracking for organic results and SEO audits every six months.
  • Conversion Rate (where applicable).

You can expect a detailed monthly performance meeting with your team to go through results and the plan moving forward.

Optional Add-ons

In addition to the work included in this basic package, we can help you with any additional activities. Your success is our success, so we will always give you honest advice and only recommend activities that will deliver against your lead generation ambitions.

Content creation, additional marketing channels, email marketing social media, creative, website development, ecommerce, call tracking and more.

Working for you, working with you.

Good digital lead generation takes good people with a mix of skills. We have pulled  together a team of brilliant SEO tacticians, digital strategists, social media experts, growth hackers, Google specialists, and data geeks; We are a unique bunch and we love what we do.

We would love to help if we can, if you have questions or just need a bit more information do call us, we are happy to chat. No pressure, just honest advice.

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