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A 90-day continuous engagement program for nurturing leads into new customers.

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  • Set up
  • 90-day program
  • Messaging strategy
  • Form and landing page

Nurture your leads into customers

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The Customer Acquisition Process.

This nurture pack uses a continual process to respond to each user’s interaction as they happen.
Website form

Users are encouraged to complete a form on your website. If you need help with digital marketing to drive customers to this form we can help you with that too.

Send initial email

As soon as a user completes the form we send an email to encourage further engagement, this depends on your product or service - it could be to visit landing page, download some extra content, book an appointment (there are lots of options.)

Track engagement (lead score)

We track if and how the user interacts with the first email, and based on the type of engagment we give the lead a score. A high score given to a lead with an active and positive engagment.

Follow up

Depending on their score, we follow up with secondary communication. This can range from a phone call for high scores, through to support email for low scores. This allows us to communicate with leads in ways that meets their needs. No over selling, no underselling.

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We’ve helped hundreds of companies turn leads into sales
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How lead nurturing works.

Lead nurturing allows us to build the relationships that your prospects and customers actually want. When a website visitor shares their information with you (via a form), they are purposefully opting to become a lead — they’re signing up for nurturing, and opening up a channel of communication with you.

With the right content mix, tailored to the right audience, sent at the right time, we can gradually inform your prospects about your solutions, and inspire them to become recurring customers.

It educates your audience.

lead nurturing mindset means that we never send generic sales emails. That kind of communication doesn’t teach audiences anything, nor does it take them on any kind of journey.

Lead nurturing is about identifying specific audience needs, and then tailoring content to different audience segments (or even individual audience members when needed).

Our lead nurturing campaigns are designed to inform and entertain your audience in personalised and relevant ways. They should be excited to open and engage with each new message, and you should be excited to see where your nurturing journey takes them.

It sets the stage for sales.

Even the best marketing may be all for nothing if it doesn’t eventually result in sales. Good lead nurturing is about playing the sales long game. We’re not rushing anyone into purchase position — we’re building an informed and interested audience mix of new prospects and returning customers and engaging them in a dialogue that continues over time. . . perhaps indefinitely!

By building a trusted relationship with your audiences, there’s a strong chance that they’ll turn to you when they’re ready to buy. If we bother them with overly sales-oriented marketing from the very beginning, they won’t want to build that relationship in the first place.

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