Nurture Packs.

We have built two nurture packs that are designed for two different reasons. The first is to support you in building an ongoing relationship with your existing customers, so that when they are ready to buy, you will be top of their minds. The other is to help newly acquired leads convert into sales.

Customer Retention.
90-day program starting at $3,300
Engage Your Customers

We will take your existing customers and create a nurture program that re-engages them. Using content, stories and offers that will encourage them to reconnect and move towards a sale.

  • Re-engage existing customers
  • Offers and promotions
  • Increasing lifetime value
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Customer Acquisition.
90-day program starting at $3,300
Drive New Sales

This pack supports new leads on their buying journey. We engage them with multiple pieces of content and offers that drive interaction, allowing us to segment and score them based on how likely they are to purchase.

  • Convert new leads
  • Lead scoring & segmentation
  • Lead optimisation
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Common problems that lead nurturing
can help to solve.

Longer sales cycles, self-directed buyers, and shortened attention spans can be a headache for marketers, but lead nurturing gives you a leg up when it comes to converting customers and building brand loyalty.

Problem: I have too many dormant leads in my database.

Lead nurturing increases the propensity to buy by maintaining relationships with customers. These relationships are critical in today’s sales cycles, and by nurturing leads you maintain that relationship over time, and build brand loyalty and trust.

Problem: My sales cycle is too long

Buyers are taking more time to explore their options and educate themselves before making a purchase decision than they did in the past. It’s completely expected that today’s sales cycles will be longer, which is why it’s so important to nurture leads. In doing this, you not only shorten your sales cycle but also convert more leads into buyers.

Problem: I have a lead nurture program in place, but am not seeing good engagement.

To have an effective lead nurturing program, you must engage buyers. When you nurture your communications with leads, you demonstrate value in the content and knowledge you share, creating trust and impact.

Problem: I don’t have the technology in place to support my lead nurturing strategy

Structured and automated nurture programs are key to navigating today’s longer sales cycles, lead scoring, lead lifecycle management, personalisation, and analytics. Today, implementation of a manual program is simply too costly and time consuming for most businesses. We can help you get set up with the technology to make the most out of your nurture programs.


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