Our experience

Selling – it’s our thing

We sell more stuff, to more Kiwi’s, more often, for more money, with more efficiency. Giving you time to focus on your core business.

We’ll outperform your sales team, because selling is all that we do. We back our sales tech, our processes and – most of all – our people.

We’re great at:


Find more customers


Sell more to your existing customers

Nurturing Customers

Striking that perfect balance between digital tools and human interaction to maximise sales

Sales Transformation

Partnering with businesses to help them through disruption

We’re a local NZ sales agency. Think of us as your in-house expert sales team

Our people hone a quantified skillset to grow your business Each team member operates from a unique vantage point – a sole focus on selling. Our expertise and specialist training affords us greater engagement with audiences across a broad range of industry sectors.

Our sweet spot is any business whose sales revenue is based on subscriptions or recurring revenue. To win the day with this type of business model we’ve experienced the need to strike a balance between digital tools and human interaction in the sales funnel.

We’re always happy to chat to anyone with a sales challenge from start-ups to medium enterprise.

“Leading Edge seamlessly fitted into our team, they have a firm grounding and understanding of rectifying business processes and were able to grow our customer base with ease and precision.”

Top 10 Reasons to work with Leading Edge

Whatever your business, strengthening your sales by engaging the right people, with the best expertise and toolkit, means greater steps forward all round. Sales aren’t just something we do, they’re something we do well. Here’s a few reasons why people choose to work with us:

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