SME-Focused Digital Lead Generation.

We help NZ SMEs increase their revenue, expand their customer base and reach their sales targets.


Digital Lead Generation


New leads are essential to keeping an SME running. A steady flow of new customers is what you need to achieve growth for your business. Digital lead generation with Leading Edge focuses on generating high-quality leads and driving impressive revenue growth to consistently achieve sales targets. We can build you a system that works for your business, and we can do the work to sustain and improve it.

“We build the systems and do the work.”

We work with clients to build scalable revenue operations, then support them by delivering growth through our range of outsourced sales and marketing activities.



We're your RevOps enabled, outsourced sales and marketing team. With Revenue Operations assigned to outsourced sales and marketing staff, we can take the weight off your shoulders and allow you and your management to focus on the leading edge of your busines.

Also, if you find your sales and marketing people and processes are disconnected, inefficient, and unpredictable, you need to start thinking about RevOps. We can be your entire team, part of your team, or help you build a team from scratch.


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Inbound Outsourcing


Bringing onboard a focused sales team helps to manage sales in a direct way: improving productivity and sales execution, meeting those markers within fixed timeframes, and increasing revenue.

Meeting milestones and ensuring seamless sales performance is essential for business – unfortunately, it’s easier said than done. Our New Zealand-based team and up-to-date technology have the capability to grow your sales performance. We will ensure you have the right technology to move prospects through your new process and give you insights via dashboard and KPI’s reporting.

We work across all stages of the customer life cycle - From initial lead acquisition to customer service and building long term advocacy. All our activities are under pinned by our outsourced RevOps people, process and technology.

We helped NZ SMEs grow their business by taking care of lead generation and employing the best talent to handle and close their sales. We have the system ready for you; allow us to take your business to the next levels of lead quality and volume, revenue growth and sales.

Increased sales for SMEs


We want you to work smarter, not harder. You can watch your sales increase over time, having more time to manage other items for your steadily growing SME. We help SMEs across NZ reach their sales targets, by ensuring that the whole system from.

We helped put the right revenue focused processes in place for NZ SMEs to support their marketing, sales and customer service across the entire customer lifecycle.

  • Acquire: Generate new leads.
  • Nurture: Change leads in to prospects.
  • Sell: Convert prospect to clients.
  • Serve: Turn clients in to advocates.