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What’s Spinify


Spin Greater Team Motivation and Beat Sales Targets.

Productivity and motivation go hand in hand in any business – an engaged sales team is more likely to hit targets and have greater loyalty. On the flipside, lack of motivation leads to a slippery slope of disengagement and inactivity.

Sustaining a team-driven, growth-centric environment isn’t easy – there’s work to focus on; your team are in different spaces and places; and incentivising costs can cripple.

But our team at Leading Edge know that when you perform together, you succeed together. We searched the world over for a leading gamification platform – and found Spinify to be the best in its class.

So, we decided to join in the games . . .

“when you perform together, you succeed together”

Want to talk to us about how we can use Spinify to help you amplify your sales, while at the same time motivating, engaging and coaching your sales team?

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