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Spinify’s gamification solutions have sales engagement in focus and performance incentives at their core. Because gamification is built on the same emotive elements used in games – leaderboards, scores, coaching, visual stimulus, reward point stores – sales teams are naturally drawn to and motivated by it.

Plus, it’s all packaged up in an easy to implement, cost-effective software solution, which integrates seamlessly with all major platforms, and is specifically designed to help employees connect in real- time and achieve beyond targets.

Spinify’s gamification delivers opportunities for sales teams to compete, celebrate and collaborate across workplace platforms, offerings include:

Sales Leaderboards

Live-tracked targets – ranking, scoring, closed deals – sustain a competitive edge, gifting opportunities for greater sales team motivation and encouragement.

Gamification Elements

Points, badges and levels pivot on an achievement ladder – hit the right notes, climb the tiers and reap daily, weekly and monthly the rewards.

Points Reward Store

Flexible rewards to fit your wants, needs and lifestyle demands – dollars, days off or pressies.

Performance and Score Card

Stay on your toes and in the know. Tools to upskill, coach and train your team to boost performance and meet goals.

Data-centric Dashboards

Ensure motivation stays at an all-time high – even when staff are working from home. Real-time data allows you to manage and encourage your team.

Achievement Recognition

Bringing sales teams closer together by visually recognising success and achievements then and there, as they happen – not weeks down the track.

Want to talk to us about how we can use Spinify to help you amplify your sales, while at the same time motivating, engaging and coaching your sales team?

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