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Businesses that employ sales enablement strategies don’t just increase their own performance stakes; they outperform other companies. Gamification understands the demands of your business and the needs of your people – so it delivers on both.

With Leading Edge and Spinify, we can help your organisation tick all the boxes, here’s why . . .

Simple and straightforward to implement

Seamlessly integrating with your salesforce systems and all major platforms.

Cost-effective and transparent

No hidden surprises, easy set up and maintenance.

Results focused

Recognising achievements in the real-time, encouraging sales people to up their own performance and others.

Happier, high-performing team

 A fun, competitive working environment brings teams closer together and strengthens sales engagement.

Reduces staff turnover

Staff who personally feel valued and cared for are motivated to achieve more and stay vested in a business’ success.

Office and home office duality

Sales gamification leaderboards and competitions connect employees across all screens and locations.

Want to talk to us about how we can use Spinify to help you amplify your sales, while at the same time motivating, engaging and coaching your sales team?

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