Top 10 Tips to ensure your team meets their end of year sales targets

Nov 25, 2020 | Articles


#1 Follow the star

Follow the star

It all starts with a plan. It was good enough for the wise men so it’s good enough for you. Know what you’re aiming for. Map out the next couple of months. Get those meetings booked in. Once the silly season kicks in. It’s too late.


#2 Value, value, value

Value, value, value

The run in to Christmas is hectic, people have 1000s of things to do. The last thing they need is a waffly irrelevant sales call. So show the value or benefit up front. Solve a genuine problem for people and you’ll shoot to the top of their to-do list,


#3 Ho, ho, ho, Merry Christmas

Ho, ho, ho, Merry Christmas

use the festive season to your advantage. Putting a Christmas spin on your proposition will encourage a decision before the big man comes down the chimney


#4 Big buffers

Big buffers

You’re going to need to aim high as you’ll lose sales along the way. The worst that can happen is you’ll make a target. Best case scenario you’ll smash the target. The business will sing your praises as no doubt there will be a shortfall somewhere.


#5 Nurture your pipeline

Nurture your pipeline

Look after it like a baby tiger and it will look after you.


#6 Categorise and prioritise

Categorise and prioritise

Just like your wish list for Santa, you can’t get everything over the line.  Know your As. These are the ones most likely to come off pre Xmas. Close them first. Then work through your Bs and Cs


#7 Follow up and follow through

Follow up and follow through

Do this until it hurts. Your customers and business will love you for it.



#8 Spread the Christmas cheer

Spread the Christmas cheer

A thank you always goes along way. Particular after the year we’ve had. Christmas is a great excuse to acknowledge those that have helped you navigate 2020.


#9 January’s not all about the beach

January’s not all about the beach

More people are working than you think. It’s quiet and people are more receptive to new ideas. All in all it can be a happy hunting ground. Book those January meetings now. It feels like a lifetime away so everyone will say yes plus everyone’s diaries are free.


#10 Be merry

Be merry

We’re talking about  enjoyment not the top shelf. It’s summer, holidays are coming up so make sure you put a smile on your face and have fun out there.