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Take a look at how we will shape your unique sales solution.

Forget hidden surprises. We understand it can be a big decision to outsource your sales team, so we make it as easy and risk-free as possible by checking in with you each step of the way. Here’s what to expect when you work with us:



It starts with a chat, getting to know your business. After gaining an understanding of your challenges, we’ll perform an audit of your current situation.



Depending on your specific needs, we’ll provide a recommendation for what will work best from our suite of sales solutions.



Your business is unique so our pricing model isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. We’ll design a pricing model that works for your challenges and desired outcomes.



We’ll begin recruiting for the right people and implementing our sales technology to enable a smooth process for your new team based on targets and transparency.



Test, measure, test again. We’ll agree on a trial period for you after which you’ll get a chance to refine your team or make a go/no-go decision.



From here on out, we’ll provide regular dashboard reporting and insights - a constant loop of analysis and optimising.

Meet some of our sales superstars

Juliana Ridling


Juliana is a sales star who can turn her hand to selling one brand to the next without batting an eyelid. From selling mobiles to video packages and more - she truly understands that selling is about; solving people’s problems and building genuine relationships. Her expertise gets results for our clients time and time again …..an example of an outstanding sales talent we love.

Vinnie Solomona


Vinnie’s the kind of guy who gets what he wants through hard work and dedication. He’s become one of the best sales leaders we know, his favourite quote being 'you get 100% of what you don’t ask for'. He’s rocketed from being a BDM right up to managing a business hub for one of our key customers – Spark. Under his leadership his branch has been the top hub nationwide for the last two years. He’s the kind of talent we have helping grow some of NZ’s largest companies.

Bex Williams


Bex has worked in every area of sales and service for our customers since 2009. Now heading up our customer service and support division, she leaves no stone unturned when it comes to delivering our customers a memorable experience. 100% results focused, Bex takes a no-nonsense, insightful approach to everything she does and has achieved a range of accolades over her years with Leading Edge - including top sales person and top service support role. It makes sense that she’s now charged with driving performance for our teams.


Ready to get a team like this on your side? I’d love to hear from you. Make a time with me for a coffee and let’s chat.

Emma Leslie, Head of Sales and Service

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