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“They have a huge focus on ownership which builds trust…and are agile enough to shift as our market pivots to remain competitive.” 
Grant McBeath, Interim CEO, Spark.

Sales team underperforming? No sales team at all?
Whether you're a bustling small business, or the driving force of a large enterprise. Whether you do business with other businesses, or direct to consumer. We will customise a sales solution for you.


Sales outsourcing

Outsourcing the sales department is becoming an increasingly attractive model for businesses who want to get sustainable results, fast. But to do this really well, you need a strong partner - a partner who knows your business as well as you do.

At Leading Edge, we’ll get the right team operating as an extension of your business from day one - and we’ll do it in a way that suits how you want to work.

Our team of skilled and passionate sales people will soon grow your business by taking charge of your sales channels, whether that be through B2B or B2C sales, telesales, appointment setting, account management or putting sales leaders into your existing team.

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Upselling, cross-selling and creating raving fans

A satisfied customer buys more. We’re the masters of creating satisfied customers who purchase more products, more often, and recommend your brand.

By understanding every inch of the customer experience and creating opportunities to engage with people, we make the sale, but we can also make your customers stick like glue afterwards. Our results in the customer service and account management space speak for themselves. We are salespeople after all, so customer satisfaction, growth and loyalty are measured and continually refined using NPS scoring and other tailored methods to suit your needs.

Whether you sell to other businesses or straight to customers; service them by phone, web or email – it doesn’t matter. We take it all in our stride – delivering you raving fans and allowing you more time to focus on building great products.

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Sales management and leadership

So you’ve invested in sales training for your team but they haven't hit the mark yet. What gives? The performance of your sales team is directly related to the quality of their leadership.

Do you have the right leadership? With the Leading Edge sales leadership solution, we will inject a talented sales manager directly into your business to coach and build capability in your sales team. You’ll get better results and see a sustainable change in your team based on your KPIs and targets right off the bat.

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CRM implementation

Running an efficient sales and customer service function today is complex. You need the exact tools for the job, but many New Zealand companies don’t have the time or resources to invest in platforms to run sales activities efficiently.

Partner with us, and you’ll get access to Salesforce, the world’s leading CRM system, giving you a step-ahead of competition from day one. Not interested in Salesforce? That’s okay, we can tailor a CRM of your choice as well.

Whether we’re integrating with your existing system, or you decide to use our purpose-built dashboards, we’ll gain superior insight into your business allowing us to continually optimise and improve results. It’s information that will cost you a fraction of the time and expense it would take to do on your own.

Is it time to take your sales function to the next level?