“It is rare to find a partner with a such clear vision on how to drive value from tools such as salesforce.com. You should be proud of the team you have and the experience and knowledge they have built around the salesforce.com toolset.”– Robert Carter, Director Davanti Consulting for Salesforce

To reach the right people and provide targeted solutions for your business, we need to lead with key strategies and hone the real focus.

Staying true to business ethos means tailoring our LE 6 processes to your footprint – here’s how we deliver you best results…

Leading Edge Inbound Selling Process


We put pen to paper, voice to reason, thoughts to the floor, and workshop with your key people to uncover your business’ market initiatives, its future forward innovation plans and goals, the key challenges it faces and how it’s performing here and now.


This is where we play detective and dig a little deeper to get a real understanding of your audience and target market. We’ll question and uncover the tools and processes you employ, address your workplace culture and environment, and look into talent and individual performance incentives. We may even play customer and undertake a little inhouse snooping!


Armed with inside knowledge, we’ll put forward our recommendations so your business can hit those high notes and meet goals. Here we touch down on key areas including: sales, marketing, product and services, IT systems and processes. We’ll also map out a realistic timeframe and plan-of-attack to ensure we meet our edge

Build solution

This is where we literally roll up our sleeves and get stuck in. We’re talking putting plans into action which can involve any of the following – or all of the following: development of websites, sales systems, lead generation, proposition and key messaging i.e. refinement of your unique selling position. And importantly building and training the sales team


Where the rubber hits the road. Our opportunity to sell, cross sell and up sell. This is where we deliver the results so you can focus on your core business…

Test & optimise

It’s not just about set and forget. Using real time data and customer insights we’ll continually test, test and optimise our processes to ensure they exceed KPI’s and are ready to overtake the competition.

The partners we work with

Behind every great sales team is great tech. We’re tech agnostic so we can plug into your platform or set you up with one that will work best for your business.


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